It is extremely hard to find a decent, trustworthy ranking of hair balms. I know it as a fact, because I was among those, who tried to find the perfect product for myself. The beginnings of my journey with hair care cosmetics were not easy. Today, I am more experienced and I decided to share my knowledge with you! :-)


This article is devoted to hair balms only. However, it does not mean that this is the only kind of hair care products that I use. I love conditioners, oils, serums, and masks. What is more, I often make beauty products myself. I will create a separate post of such cosmetics. In my opinion, products that provide different properties and effects should not be compared and assessed. This is one of the most annoying thing that I often see on blogs! I also do not appreciate presenting favourite care products, I consider such generalization as pointless. Hair conditioners and balms are not equal. Furthermore, we should not be forced to choose between these two. A truly hairmaniac should have AT LEAST one of each category of the products. Although, in reality we have....over a dozen? ;-)


I have my favourite hair balm. I must say that I have more than one, which you will be able to notice when reading this article to the end. :-) What about you? If you are still wondering whether you should buy a hair balm (and not stay with only one hair conditioner), read the list of my five reasons why hair balm is a must in hair care!

Reason number 1. Hair balm works from the inside, therefore it provides better effects. Only hair balms (well, maybe hair masks as well) have the ability to penetrate deeply into hair. Their formulas have been developed to allow each of the carefully selected active ingredients to penetrate as deep as possible and work in there. Keep in mind that hair care will be successful only after treating the problem. Hair loss is not hair's fault, but the weak hair bulb's. In this case we must stimulate hair follicles. This is how hair balms work – they penetrate to hard to reach places – where other cosmetics can only dream of. ;-)

Reason number 2. Hair balms comprise richer compositions and more concentrated ingredients. Moisturisers, emollients and unfortunately, silicones are the main ingredients of most hair conditioners. You will not find such components in hair balms. Their formulas usually consist of protein complex, amino acids, vitamins and all beloved nourishing substances derived from oils and plant extracts. The beneficial components of hair balms work better and their amount if such cosmetics are higher – nothing else left to explain. ;-)

Reason number 3. Hair balm repairs and regenerates. The main task of hair conditioners is to instantly improve the look of your hair. Additionally, they facilitate combing and styling. Unfortunately, no conditioner will help to restore really damaged hair, that was treated with hot straightener, curling wand or bleach. Therefore, regenerating, reconstructing and repairing what has been broken, is a job for a good hair balm. Thanks to one product mentioned in this list, I avoided going to a hairdresser and cutting my hair short. I was very close to getting bald after years of using hair straightener. Fortunately, hair balm came to the rescue. :-)

Reason number 4. Hair balms provide long-lasting effects that will not vanish after seconds. It probably happened many times that you used a conditioner (a miraculous one) and everything went well until you washed your hair again. Hair balms win this battle due to the fact that they penetrate into the hair, repair and rebuild from the inside, what has been damaged. Conditioners work quickly but only temporarily. Hair balms are unbeatable in this case.

Reason number 5. Hair balm is the answer to serious hair problems. It is basically connected with the previously mentioned points, however, in my opinion, it is still worth emphasising. Only highly concentrated hair balms ensure 100% effectiveness when it comes to strongly damaged hair. For serious problems, hair loss, split ends, burned wisps, annoying dandruff – hair balm is the only remedy.


I cannot resist the temptation, and I will tell you a little bit why I think that after all, hair oiling is much more effective than using hair balms, masks or conditioners. Yes, I am aware of the fact that it is a hair balm review; nevertheless, I wanted you to get to know other alternatives. Hair balm is not always the only option. To be honest, I’d say that hair oils are better in many respects. Personally, I more often reach for natural oils or oil blends than hair balms. Thus I will briefly show you my point of view about hair oils being better than hair balms. I hope this will make your choice whether to use oils or balms easier. Keep on reading.

Is a hair oil a good alternative to hair balms?


I really hope that the reasons are enough to convince you to try out at least one of the recommended products. If it is still not enough, look it up online – you will find more specific details connected with the difference between balms and conditioners. Hair balms do not bite, harm, they can only work wonders. If you still do not know how to achieve the best results, keep reading. I would like to present my trick for beautiful hair. :-)

Please refer to my subjective (but reliable and preceded by many months of testing!) ranking of hair balms. All items have been carefully tested for at least two full months each. I like the majority of the products, however, there is one beloved that I would not change for the world. You are about to meet the best of the best. :-) In my ranking, I also include some products that are worth mentioning, however, leave a lot to be desired, due to the amount of chemicals in the composition, allergenic and heavy formula, or even the inadequate to the quality price. Nevertheless, comparisons are based on variety. I invite you on a journey through hair balms worth using at least once and the one to fall in love with! :-)


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