Kérastase – Immersion Nutritive Irisome, hair balm

I like to use Kérastase cosmetics, but paradoxically, they are rare guests in my bathroom. Not because of lack of efficency, because this is provided. It is rather a matter of exorbitant prices imposed by the brand. Okay, maybe I have seen more horrendous prices. 😉 That does not mean that Kérastase balm, which I bought two months ago, belonged to cheap range of products. I still think that the prices of products of this brand could be more affordable!

Cosmetics of strange compositions are rarely hosted in my care, I prefer proven recipes. What is so surprising about Immersion Nutritive Irisome balm? The product is based on the iris rhizome extract, which provides a strong antioxidant effect. Irisome Complex Technology nourishes the hair fibre and provides protection against excessive loss of water. The properties of iris complement the action of the Gluco -Active complex. At first glance, the composition appears to be particularly stuffed with chemicals, but after taking a closer look, there is nothing to worry about. All the ingredients are legal and widely used. In fact, it would be much better if Immersion Nutritive Irisome balm was based only on natural ingredients, however you can see that the secret of this formula are less organic intermediate products. 😉 As long as it works, it is fine for me.

What are the effects of Kérastase Nutritive Immersion Irisome balm? Let me explain, because I was a little surprised myself. Usually, hair balms should be applied after washing, on lightly towel-dried hair. They can be rinsed off, but not necessarily. Nevertheless, such products are always applied after washing. Not in the case of Kérastase! This balm should be used on hair before washing. I always rub in dry strands, distributing it over the entire length. After a few minutes I rinse it and then thoroughly wash my hair. Therefore, I no longer use any conditioner after washing. It turns out that the product replaces the traditional conditioner, even though it is not applied in the same way.:-)

The formula of Kérastase Nutritive Immersion Irisome balm is based on starch, which is why it is so lightweight and does not weigh your hair down. It was developed in such a way to penetrate into the fibres and work from the inside. I can confirm that it worked. 😉 Immersion Nutritive Irisome Balm penetrates deeply into the hair and transports nutrients. This means that after a systematic application, you can expect a real improvement in the condition of your hair. Fortunately, you do not have to wait too long, the effects are already noticeable after the first application. Balm gently coats hair, which can be felt by touching it. Thanks to using Kérastase treatment before washing, my unruly hair is tamed and less tangled. It was much easier to wash it with shampoo, which was smoothly distributed all over. As if the hair lotion strengthened shampoo and facilitated its use. 🙂


  • Confirmed effectiveness,
  • The effects seen already after the first application,
  • An innovative way of application – before washing,
  • Pleasant formula that does not weight hair down,
  • Facilitates washing hair with shampoo,
  • Carefully selected complex of active ingredients.


  • A very high price
  • The average efficiency,
  • Little amounts of natural ingredients in the composition.