Green Energy Organics – Le Rituel Extra Doux hair balm

Le Rituel Extra Doux can be translated as a ritual of extra hydration. Cosmetics from this series contain carefully selected sets of plant stem cells. Energy Organics depends on their effects in four dimensions: moisturising, smoothing, nourishing and protection.

Before buying the product I decided to take a closer look at it. The composition of Le Rituel Extra Doux balm seems very good. 🙂 The third place is taken by natural almond oil, right after it, the extract from the pulp of aloe leaves, cocoa butter, shea butter and grape extract (to be more precise – from its leaves) appear. Keep in mind that apart from the complex of natural active ingredients, the product does not contain too much chemicals. Only trace amounts of fragrances at the end of the composition and two anti-static substances (perfectly safe). And of course, moisturising glycerine, right at the beginning! 😉 There is nothing to complain about.:-)

Green Energy Organics balm provides nourishing and hydration from the inside. Organic ingredients grasp moist from the air and transport it to cells. It is mainly thanks to the job of cocoa butter (a source of hundreds of components with antioxidant properties). Recently I read a little more about natural osmotic balance, which may be shifted by external factors (for example: wind, sun, temperature fluctuations, dirt). Extra Doux hair balm supports this balance. You can notice it after the first use of the cosmetic. Hair become more loose, soft and smooth. What else? Regeneration, anti-ageing and hair protection. Overall, I have nothing to complain about in terms of action. This hair balm fulfils all the promises of Green Energy Organics!

I apply the balm after each wash. Hair must be towel-dried. The consistency is nice, allows easy application. After around two minutes I rinse it thoroughly. That is all, trouble-free use!:-) Scent – is rather delicate, almost imperceptible. However, the biggest disadvantage is the packaging. The container makes it hard to take the product, you must soak your finders in it. It seem unhygienic. What is more, you will never take the same, appropriate amount of product twice. This leads to decreasing its efficiency. In my case, the product was gone only after a month! 🙁 Great composition, effective but a disaster when it comes to the matter of formula.


  • Natural and safe composition,
  • A complex of plant components,
  • Professional moisturising properties,
  • High efficiency.


  • A very poor performance,
  • Very inconvenient packaging,
  • Short-term smell,
  • High price.