Yves Rocher – Repairing Balm for Dry Ends

Natural plant hair care sounds good, so without much hesitation I decided to test this product. Yves Rocher is a well-known brand which products are available in stationary shops. It also matters to me that, because many times I had problems with availability of products I really liked. 🙁 This repairing balm is easily available but is it effective?

Yves Rocher Repairing Balm for Dry Ends is based on extracts from Eastern European oats. Such oats used for the production of this cosmetic are grown organically. The brand decided to use this type of milk of oats, because it provides strong treatment properties. What specifically? Firstly, rebuilds damaged hair ends. I am guessing that each of us is looking for an effective way to regenerate the ends and avoid the visit to the hairdresser. Secondly nourishes. Thirdly, deeply moisturises. In addition to oats, in the composition we will find: sweet almond oil, vitamin B5 and glycerine. The product does not contain parabens or silicones. The extract of oats is really interesting ingredient, but other than that, there is nothing special. 🙁 Half of the composition are unfortunately, fragrances. 🙁

The effects of Yves Rocher balm for damaged hair worked partially. It actually improved the condition of the ends, but instead of the promised hydration my hair was dry. Surely, it could have been an individual matter, because I read a lot of positive feedback online about this cosmetic. You definitely need to distribute it carefully, not to weigh the hair down. Too much of it at the ends, makes it stick together. Only after a few applications I have come to this, to put the cosmetic on washed and damp ends, avoiding scalp. Furthermore, its formula that does not require rinsing is a big advantage, but you have to be more careful with the amount of applied product.

Yves Rocher Hair Care has a very delicate almond – honey scent that is simultaneously intense and stays long on the hair. The consistency is more like a light cream than thick balm, but it is a plus. Greatly simplifies the application at the ends. Unfortunately, small package ( only 50 ml ) without a precise dispenser considerably reduces the efficiency of the product. Although, I was using it only on the ends, it finished faster than a similar conditioner applied to the entire length of hair. For efficiency and capacity – a big minus!


  • effectiveness in hair ends regeneration
  • pleasant scent
  • long lasting scent
  • light cream consistency
  • interesting base ingredient
  • lack of silicones or parabens
  • availability


  • small capacity
  • price inadequate to the capacity
  • poor efficiency
  • drying and weighing hair down