Do It Yourself: Anti-Hair Balm.

A lot is said about hair care, its health and shine. Women give a try to various beautifying procedures in order to make their hair grow faster, become stronger and denser. Surely, such techniques concern hair growing on head. And what about this unwanted hair growing on legs or face? There is a solution for this problem as well. Shaving, depilation or… a homemade anti-hair balm!

Everyday shaving or hair removal every other week – it is exhausting! Fortunately, there is a solution for eliminating this problem of unnecessary and fast-growing hair. Suffice to regularly apply a homemade anti-hair balm, which contains dihydromyricetin. Yes, it may sound weird but it is not difficult to prepare such cosmetic on one’s own.

What will be needed?

  • Ampelopsis extract (or Telocapil),
  • coca butter,
  • linseed oil (or other),
  • common yarrow infusion,
  • E vitamin,
  • emulsifier (yet not necessarily),
  • favourite essential oil.

The basic ingredient of homemade anti-hair balm is Ampelopsis, a plant extract which contains 98% of dihydromyricetin – the substance able to make hair weaker. This ingredient slows down action of factors responsible for hair growth, halting this process with time completely. In general, Ampelopsis plant extract is available in a form of powder. Actually, this ingredient can be replaced with Telocapil that also contains dihydromyricetin but in a liquid form.

The second crucial ingredient is natural coca butter, which can be replaced with a regular body balm. Both substances have to be combined keeping in mind the proportions. To demonstrate, dissolved in a teaspoon of alcohol Ampelopsis plant extract should not exceed 1% of natural coca butter. The proportion is a little bit different when using Telocapil. In this case, Telocapil should not exceed 2% of natural coca butter.

It is worth enriching the mixture with E vitamin, which has anti-oxygenating action, and an emulsifier, which provides stable, acidic pH. Just a few drops of common yarrow infusion guarantees anti-inflammatory and soothing action. Oil in turn soothes and moisturizes skin and essential oil gifts your homemade cosmetic with beautiful flavour.

Everyday application of the balm to places we would like to keep smooth, will make hair condition definitely weaker day after day. This kind of the treatment should be conducted for at least two months. After this time, homemade anti-hair balm can be applied once a week, just prophylactically.