Montibello – HDs Tex Lisso Balm

Montibello is a Spanish brand founded in Barcelona which sells professional hair care products around the world. Apart from smoothing balm, I did not test any other products offered by this brand, due to the fact that the range does not meet my needs. I does not mean that the products are bad! Nevertheless, HDs Tex Lisso Balm is definitely worth mentioning!

Montibello hair balm contains five key ingredients, that are responsible for the effectiveness of the product. First of all, panthenol – responsible for caring properties. Additionally, UVA, UVB sunscreen to protect against harmful solar radiation. Protein hydrolyzate provides nourishment and rebuilds hair fibres, and marine amino acids (derived from algae) provides regenerating. What is responsible for smoothing? Partially all the above-mentioned ingredients, but mostly, straightening polymers present in the composition. Their task is to provide thermal and mechanical protection. That is all about the composition. It is not very natural but at least precise in action.

What can you expect from this product? Montibello balm is aimed to smooth your hair. It is designed to straighten, smooth and tame curly, unruly hair. And it works! HDs Tex Lisso Balm does not weigh hair down, which in my case is a huge advantage. In addition, no more annoying, unruly hair, which stand out on the top of your head. 😉 Combing and drying is much easier, smoothing effects last for a long time while the problem of frizz disappears. The balm should also work on colour-treated hair, however, I cannot confirm it – mine is still natural. 🙂 Montibello brand promises that thanks to this product your hair will develop resistance to moisture. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with that statement. My hair has always been very susceptible to curling under the influence of moisture and even this product could not prevent it.

Montibello balm seduces with its nice packaging, at least I adore black bottles. I have a few in my personal collection. 🙂

The container provides 250 ml and is rather handy. However, the pomp broke down and I was pouring the content straight from the bottle on the palm of my hand. What is more, I read that I was not the only one who had troubles with the applicator. Fortunately, the product is not too thick so it was not so hard to be done. Obviously a pomp would facilitate the use. 🙂 When it comes to the consistency I must add that it is light, does not stick your hair or weigh it down. The formula deserves a big plus!


  • Lightweight formula,
  • Effective smoothing and facilitate styling,
  • Simple composition,
  • Specified action,
  • Maintaining properties,
  • Favourable price,


  • Does not prevent frizz,
  • Pump is of poor quality (breaks down).