Sylveco Cleansing Hair Balm with Betulin

Hair balm fom Sylveco is a salvation on the market of hair care products. Why? First of all, because of the composition that is hypoallergenic and intended to fulfil the needs of dry hair and sensitive scalp. This cleansing balm has a plain but rich formula. It is just perfect for me! In my opinion, many owners of sensitive skin and damaged hair will be amazed with its effects.

The product contains three detergents that appear in the beginning of the list of components, next to honey. A little bit further, you can find shea butter, jojoba oil and rosemary oil. Anything else? Panthenol, guar gum, glyceryl oleate and betulin and some natural, safe substances. The only preservative we can find in the composition of Sylveco product, is lactic acid. It is said it has irritating effects, however, it depends on your individual predispositions. It works perfectly for me and I did not notice any side effects. 🙂 It is a really great composition – nothing else to add!

As one of its kind (because I never saw anything similar made by other brands) hair balm from Sylveco provides cleansing properties. It should be applied on damp hair and lathered, while massaging it into the scalp. It is not necessary to leave it on your hair. You can rinse it shortly after the massage. I usually use this product to wash my hair twice. Yes, I wash my hair with it! 🙂 I replaced my shampoo and conditioner with one product from Sylveco. It works perfectly as a cleansing product (washes off even oils) as well as nourishing one. Of course, it may be used only as a replacement of the conditioner and applied after washing with your own shampoo.

In a handy bottle made of dark plastic, you will find 300ml of the product. It is quite a lot. It is easy to spread all over your head, therefore, you do not need to use too much of the product, it is very efficient. I wash my hair every two days, and use it twice each time. The bottle is enough for 3-4 months. To be honest, I used up many products much faster than this one. My favourite part of the entire treatment is the moment of opening the cap, due to the beautiful, herbal scent the balm has. It does not last long on your hair. Moreover, the consistency resembles a watery milk, but it foams very easily. For me, the application is pleasant and trouble-free.

Furthermore, the effects of the Sylveco balm are the most important. The producer ensures that after a regular use, your scalp will be soothed, its condition improved and the hair will be smooth, soft and lightweight. I can confirm that it works well on the scalp – provides cooling effect. My hair was truly silky soft. The product also moisturises and nourishes. After using the product with betulin, your hair does not tangle like it used to and is easier to comb. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Sylveco hir balm has a few flaws. Too frequent use causes greasy hair which then requires washing too often.


  • reasonable price,
  • natural and safe composition,
  • handy bottle,
  • efficient formula,
  • nice, herbal scent,
  • consistency facilitates application,
  • combination of cleansing and nourishing properties,
  • proven effectiveness,


  • lactic acid—might cause irritations
  • increased sebum secretion