Balms DO NOT stimulate faster hair growth. What does then? Nanoil Castor Oil

Hair balm is a crucial hair-care product yet it won’t solve all problems we fight when it comes to our hairdos. So, if you want to stimulate faster growth or stop the hair loss, you need to reach out for other remedies. Nanoil Castor Oil is the best hair-growth oil which inhibits hair loss and nourishes, working as a perfect enhancer. Get to know it better and see how it works.

Castor oil INCI: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Nanoil Castor Oil: the powerful effect of castor bean oil on hair

Castor oil is simply irreplaceable. It tops all masks and conditioners and it even stands out among other oils. It houses some precious fatty acid known as ricinoleic acid which is the substance that stimulates growth and strengthens the hair, as well as prevents tresses from falling out and repairs the hair structure. The extraordinary castor oil has one more feature worth pointing out: its structure is very similar to keratin – the hair-building protein – and that is why the oil deeply nourishes and fixes the damaged cuticle layer.

Nanoil Castor Oil: brilliant hair-growth oil

The Nanoil Oil is ready to reinforce the hair follicles, stimulate them to work and repair them. Thanks to the consistency it spreads well on the hair and is easy to wash out. Regular application of castor oil accelerates growth and inhibits hair loss. From now on you won’t be bothered by the seasonal hair loss: your tresses will be strong again, growing healthy and thick.

The effect of Nanoil Castor Oil on weak hair:

  • it strengthens the entire hair shaft.
  • it rebuilds damage in the external hair structures.
  • it stimulates hair follicles to work.
  • it prevents hair loss.
  • it improves the appearance and structure of hair.
  • it clears the scalp and hair of toxins.
  • it enhances the hair color.

Nanoil Castor Oil is:

  • 100% organic
  • cold-pressed
  • natural
  • unrefined
  • ideal to enhance hair as well as skin and nails
  • and has smooth consistency

Why Nanoil Castor Oil tops hair balms?

Castor oil surely beats hair balms. Unlike balms, the oil can be applied on the scalp so it reaches the hair follicles to strengthen, stimulates them and hold up hair loss by providing the essential nutrients.

Also, when you apply castor oil to hair and scalp, it acts as a natural detoxifying agent and antiseptic – it cleanses the scalp, picking the sebum excess and all impurities. No hair balm would do that.

Do you know…

… the Nanoil Castor Oil isn’t merely a hair oil because you can use it to improve your skin (ideal OCM oil), body, nails, and to stimulate lash or brow growth. It makes a perfect strengthening treatment for hair as well as lashes and brows.

Nanoil Castor Oil. Get to know it better!

Go to and experience the exceptional hair and scalp care thanks to the power of natural ingredients. Still, castor oil isn’t the only product in the Nanoil offer – see other organic oils and splendid beauty products!