No Rinse, Cream for dry and damaged hair – Olive, Shea and Argan by Le Petit Olivier

By reading my posts, it is easy to notice that my hair is damaged and dry. This long list of hair balms is the effect of my long-term fight for restoring its health and shine. The very same problem encouraged me to test Le Petit Olivier hair balm. Rather inexpensive products which can surprise everyone with its effectiveness.

The secret of Le Petit Olivier lays in the naturalness of ingredients, not the amount or originality. Well-known nutrients, combined in appropriate proportions can bring better results than some other, more expensive, luxurious ingredients. This product is based on 100% natural components. They might not immediately improve hair condition, but are definitely effective in a longer period of time. Ecocert confirms the naturalness of the ingredients. There are a few. First of all, olive oil – normalises the work of sebaceous glands. Secondly, argan oil (Moroccan liquid gold) – its task is to control the regeneration and hydration of hair, and karité butter which restores and nourishes from the inside. Apart form this, Le Petit Olivier balm does not contain parabens, dyes, and other components, potentially harmful or irritating. You can go ahead and try it yourself. 😉

Le Petit Olivier is a Provence source of beauty straight from France. At least this is how all websites advertise this product. Intensive Cream Conditioner is designed for dry and damaged hair. It has to nourish, moisturise, smooth, regenerate and improve the overall condition of hair. Does it work? Partly yes, and partly not. 🙂 This hair balm definitely makes combing easier and prevents tangles. It reduces dullness and roughness of hair, and makes it more velvety, silky smooth. Unfortunately, nutrition is not so noticeable, and even the state of my hair in this regard has not changed. You can summarize the effects of Le Petit Olivier hair balm in three words: half and half. 😉

This product is to be used as usually. Begin with thorough hair wash and gentle towel-drying. Then, the apply it on damp hair but not soaking wet. Depending on the amount of free time, we may vary the time of keeping the balm on our hair. From a few minutes up to even a few hours. Personally, I usually leave it in for about a quarter of an hour. This is the optimum time, after which I thoroughly rinse it off. 🙂 You can leave your hair to air- dry if you have the time, or use a hair-dryer. The balsam has a characteristic scent of argan nuts and shea butter, which I absolutely love! And best of all, the aroma stays on the hair all day. 🙂


  • Effectiveness in most of the problems
  • Long – lasting fragrance,
  • A very reasonable price
  • Completely natural and simple composition,
  • Uncomplicated application,
  • Does not contain any artificial substances.


  • The lack of effect of nutrition,
  • Scent (not everyone will like it).