Hair Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Balm? Is there any difference between them?

Hair care does not only depend on proper washing, combing and styling. Actually, hair care is about application of proper moistening and nourishing cosmetics as well. It happens that sometimes, we, overwhelmed by numerous care products, pick just the first cosmetic that we find simply appealing in appearance without thinking much about it. Sometimes we do not even pay attention whether we apply a hair mask or a hair conditioner – and these products have other tasks to accomplish. For that reason, today, we are going to analyse three basic types of hair cosmetics – mask, conditioner and balm – in order to dispel all doubts connected with essential hair care.

Hair Mask

The deepest penetrating action from all cosmetics is owed by hair mask. A high quality hair mask is also able to nourish scalp. In general, this kind of cosmetic aims its actions at nourishment, moisturization and strands smoothing. One of the characteristic features of hair mask is content of properly selected substances which are responsible for transporting nourishing substances deep into hair shafts. Moreover, hair masks have dense consistency and requires to be left on hair longer than other similar cosmetics do.

Hair Conditioner

Unlike hair mask, hair conditioner works only on the surface of hair. Although this type of a cosmetic focuses on moistening and smoothing of hair, this action is only superficial. With this in mind, the outcomes are not long-lasting. Actually, conditioners are mainly used for making hair more shiny, improve combability and facilitate styling. Most of the conditioners contain silicones as their base ingredients and their consistency is rather runny. What is more, hair conditioner requires no more than just a few minutes to be left on hair.

Hair Balm

Hair balm is a kind of in-between product since it does not only work superficial but also reaches deep into hair shafts. Yet, it does not affect scalp in any degree. Actually, hair balm’s aim is to regenerate hair and restore proper level of moisture. Action and application of this kind of a cosmetic is similar to hair mask with the one exception – hair balm should not be massaged into scalp. The outcomes are also alike, and can be described as fairly long-lasting. Finally, hair balm is less dense in consistency than hair mask.